My Combo for Sleek Edges – EDGI Brush + ORS Olive Oil Edge Control

July 13, 2019by admin0

Kapper Glamour Studio in Eindhoven

Als u op zoek bent naar een kapper in Eindhoven, staan de specialisten van Glamour Studio graag voor u klaar. Vanuit onze professionele salon verzorgen we diverse kleurbehandelingen voor allerlei typen haar. We zijn dan ook niet voor niets dé haarkleuring expert van Eindhoven. Maar, ook voor de nieuwste kniptechnieken en andere haarbehandelingen bent u bij ons van harte welkom.

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Rarely, do I reach for hair gel once I have ORS Olive Oil Edge Control available. I have been using this advantage control for many years and not only does it provide excellent hold and sleekness to my borders but it’s super exfoliating at precisely exactly the identical time. Recently, ORS added Sweet Almond Oil to the formulation and I think it is the key as to why it does not dry out the hair. No dryness No stiffness!! Period. Too, it does not leave any flakes or white residue behind which will be very important when you want to rock your design daily. 

<img alt="My Combo for Sleek Edges – EDGI Brush + ORS Olive Oil Edge Control” border=”0″ data-original-height=”1600″ data-original-width=”1132″ height=”640″ src=”” width=”452″ /p

Now the most recent addition to my border control arsenal is the EDGI Edge Control Brush by DollBaby Beauty!! Prior to the gem, I used regular toothbrushes to put down my edges and infant hair. Do not get me wrong, it did the work but it would always have loads of merchandise buildup packed in the bristles, and it was not visually attractive (to be honest). Also, when traveling, it might be exposed to everything it cane in touch with since I never had a protective covering over it. The annoying part is that, with time the bristles started to fray and spread out. Not cute! , merchandise doesn’t buildup in the fingernails over time, plus it has a cute sleeper bag for protection and traveling. I think that it’s a great change from the standard and gets the job done easily.

The binchotan charcoal bristles reduce bacteria growth, breakouts etc.. I really like how the bristles are dark so that it won’t display product develop, make-up etc.. Let’s  face it, my MAC foundation used to have around my toothbrush making it appear brown and dirty overtime. It was so annoying and kinda embarrassing LOL. It’s a keeper for me:-RRB- Oh and don’t forget the discount coupon code below to store!

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Can you use border gel or control to sculpt your edges/hairline?

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